8 Ways Raving Has Helped Me Cope With My Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses have always been looked down upon as a social stigma. There have been very few open-platform discussions about the same. But I wish to break what many people still consider a stigma, by discussing how my life was affected by mental illnesses and how I coped with it. EDM and the rave culture has helped me a lot in fighting my mental illnesses, and I’m glad I feel a lot better now than I was before.

8 amazing ways how rave culture and EDM songs have helped me cope with my mental illnesses:

  1. I realized I did not have to be messed up to have fun

When I became acquainted with EDM and rave culture back in college, I had the misconception that I needed to be drunk or high to have a great experience at EDM festivals. But boy were I wrong! I soon realized that I was actually missing out the experiences by living the misconception. The music itself was like drugs and I felt so better in my true senses.

  1. I met some amazing people at raves

I’ve come across some wonderful people at raves. Meeting them made me feel happy. They had positive influences in my life and helped shape better thoughts. We made some great memories together. I don’t know where I’d have been if I had not met these amazing people.

  1. I learned to respect myself

I used to be hostile and intolerant of others. What I didn’t understand how it was adversely affecting my self-love. When I went to raves, I discovered love and respect I got from fellow attendees. That’s what taught me to love and respect others, and in turn, respect and love myself.

  1. I started accepting myself

With self-love, followed self-acceptance. I used to hate myself for some reason or the other. When I started loving myself, I also started to accept myself the way I am, without trying to change anything. It helped me be confident in my own skin.

  1. I learned to live in the present

Anxiety was a major cause for all my mental illnesses and there was nothing that could stop me from fretting over the future and chiding myself for the past. It may seem strange, but rave festivals taught me how to enjoy and live the present moment as I realized it is never going to come back.

  1. I found my place in the world

While I constantly struggled to fit in other people’s worlds, following conventions, raves became a savior. It was this place that I completely fit in without ever trying to do so.

  1. I made memories for the good

There are some wonderful memories that I made at rave festivals. I prefer looking back at the fun moments whenever I feel low, and that feels instantly uplifting!

  1. I got hold on my life

While I sat struggling with my mental issues, I did not realize how much time I wasted without accomplishing anything. Attending raves have cleared my mind to help me think of a purposeful life and how to achieve goals.