Adult Acne

Yesterday’s topic on allergies got me thinking of another adult malady that I never expected, adult acne. Yes, we may have a little body complaint theme going here, but don’t read into it. I just go with the flow when the thoughts come to mind. My self-esteem is intact. Don’t you remember all the pain and anguish of dealing with acne as a teen? I hated it, but that’s not novel, we all did. Oh sure, some of you may have been blessed with perfect skin, but the rest of us dealt with this beast for years. I feel fortunate that my dealings were pretty minimal compared to those with extreme cases, but it didn’t feel like it at the time. As a teen, that glaring pimple is all anyone can see when it shows its ugly head.

They always showed up in the worst places too. Right on the tip of the nose, all over the chin, etc. Anywhere that everyone can see it and no way to hide it. I was always embarrassed, but then I was a pretty self-conscious teen. I got over it.

I can remember thinking as a teen how I can’t wait to get past all this and finally be an adult without acne problems. Yep, there was one more instance I was naive. Thankfully my adult skin problems are nothing like as a youth, but it’s still there. Kind of a gross self-revelation, but I’ve revealed worse things in life.

Is this plight something just to keep my ego in check? If so, I don’t need it! I am reminded in plenty of other ways of my fallibility thank you very much. I don’t need the painful, ugly blemishes as a reminder. Just like as a teen, they always seem to come at the most inopportune times too; but then is there ever an opportune time for a zit?

I promise that I have good personal hygiene, that isn’t the problem. I clean up good, so my wife tells me. I even lotion up my skin better than the average guy…I think. Though I am not experiencing a Job-like plague, these periodic little volcanoes of joy still drive me nuts.

I guess we can’t be perfect. If this is the one thing I have to endure, then so be it. Oh wait, what about all those other imperfections. Darn it.