Dealed To Death – Are Your Coupons Going To A Zombie Audience?

Dealed To Death

Consumers are experts at finding ways to filter out the daily bombardment of advertisements through most mediums. However, with people now opting into more and more daily deals, how can you be sure they aren’t turning a blind eye to the amazing special on your product or services?

Dealed To Death

Like clockwork every Monday I open my eyes to an inbox full of half off deals and discounted products. I’m not entirely sure when I managed to sign up for every single subscription coupon newsletter but for the rest of the week I’ll spend more time deleting new arrivals than even looking to see if there is something worth purchasing.

Yet, I’m incapable of unsubscribing from them in mass, fearful that will be the week where everything I like to do will be half off. If we break down the math, assuming that I received an offer every weekday for the last year from five varying sources, I’ve received 1,300 opportunities to purchase something potentially awesome. How many have I purchased? Three.

They were purchased based on the fact that the deals were simple, impulse priced, and something I would definitely do within the coming three months. I would certainly eat a burger, see a movie, or go bowling. These deals were also some of the most successful, selling out completely. Those three finds keep me receiving an additional 1,300 emails a year to possibly buy cheaper movie tickets again, and I hardly ever open them.

This seems completely illogical to me. As a marketer, it causes me to question how successful these programs really are for those purchasing them. Are there really people who open them every day or do they wait to hear from someone else that there is a fantastic deal that day? Have they reached their limit of discounted colonics and filtered them out completely?

Dealed To Death

A coupon may seem like a quick fix for a steady flow of new business to your product or business. However, a healthy amount of research about your actual customers may provide more valuable opportunities for you to get them back through your doors. Strategy is the key to properly allocating your resources. After all, a coupon may bring people to your business once, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll ever be back.