How to Buy Disposable Wedding Cameras

Disposable wedding cameras are a popular favor in any wedding reception. They ensure that the moments a wedding photographer might not find suitable for an album will be captured for posterity. If you wish to capture moments that will provide years of laughter and fond memories, purchasing disposable wedding cameras is easily accomplished.

Step 1
Decide on quantity. Would you like each guest to have a wedding camera, or would a few per table suffice? Wedding and party favor retailers often give discounts on bulk purchases.

Step 2
Decide on design. Will a plain camera work, or would you prefer a fancier, wedding-themed camera? Alternatively, many retailers offer the option of personalizing the camera to suit. Note that embellished or custom cameras will come at a higher price.

Step 3
Buy your wedding cameras. These can be had from party stores and other chain retailers. Wedding cameras are also available for purchase online. Websites such as and offer a selection of disposable wedding cameras in a variety of colors, styles and customizable options. Some might provide free or cheap photo processing. Allow enough time for shipping and handling to ensure that they arrive in time for the big event.