Successful Yard Sale Tips

The warm weather is here and so is the season of yard sales and garage sales.

I love yard sales. I love hunting for yard sale treasures as much as I love putting on a yard sale for my son’s charity.

Yard sales and garage sales are perfect for cleaning out your clutter while making extra money for family vacation or as fundraisers for your favorite charity.

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Every year my family and friends get together in May and we have a huge yard sale for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

There are few tips for successful yard sale you should follow to make sure you make or raise as much money as possible.

Pick a Good Date and Day

  • check you calendar and make sure you don’t hold your yard sale during important or special holidays
  • don’t have a yard sale during the 3 day weekend (lots of people are out of town)
  • if you are going for 2-day sale make it Friday and Saturday
  • don’t have a yard sale on Sunday – people think you are desperate to get rid of you leftovers and they will low ball you on every single item

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Think Ahead

  • ask your family and friends to join your yard sale and advertise as Multifamily Yard Sale – it will draw a bigger crowd
  • place attractive classified ads in all of your local newspapers and surrounding areas the week of the yard sale
  • make yard sale signs to post around the neighborhood the night before or early in the morning – use bright orange poster paper with black lettering
  • pick a theme for your yard sale and let your kids sell cold drinks and hot dogs or baked goods, play music – make it a party and people will stay longer and browse

Prepare and Price Your Items

  • make sure all of your items are clean and in good working condition – make sure you keep extension cord on hand or you have an electric outlet near by
  • put price stickers on all of your items, but hike up the price a little – people get discouraged and frustrated when they don’t see prices on items
  • price all of your books, CDs, old records and movies either in groups or separately, but do price them – they are money makers
  • don’t overcharge even if some items are new – it is a yard sale and people are looking for bargains
  • keep small items that are hard to price by itself in boxes and offer price per bag – supply plastic bags and let people fill them up

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Day of The Yard Sale

  • place your tables close to the road and put all your best selling and big items right in front – it will bring more people in
  • if possible hang all of your clothes and arrange them by sex and size – sell small items by bag
  • keep rearranging your tables so they don’t look empty – keep putting away empty tables so people who drive by don’t think that all the good stuff is gone
  • acknowledge everybody and strike up a friendly conversation
  • post signs letting people know that you are open to offers – yard sale power-buyers love to haggle and think that they got the best deal
  • offer freebies – have one or two boxes filled with miscellaneous items for people to take – most people find something little they like and then they feel like they need to buy something from you as well
  • if you are donating all the proceeds to charity let people know with posters and signs – many people will donate extra for a good cause

Most important tip for successful yard sale is HAVE FUN!

Las Vegas Vacation Ideas

You want to take a trip to the desert, and Las Vegas awaits your arrival fully equipped with food, fun and splendor. But, if you don’t want to find yourself dawdling around the casinos for hours on end wondering what to do with your weekend, take a quick minute during check-in to ask the concierge about fabulous shows, such as Cirque du Soleil, and classy restaurants, such as Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel and casino.

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Cirque Du Soleil Performances

Always check ahead for any Cirque du Soleil shows that pique your interest. Visit to see previews for all running shows. Also check for online discounts that are applicable with codes and/or online booking. If you’d like to see the Beatle’s Love performance at The Mirage Hotel and Casino, visit the hotel’s website and search for coupons; you could save a bundle on great seats if you take a few minutes to browse.

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Top Dining Locations

Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel and casino is probably the most affordable, luxurious eatery you will come across. If you love big portions and decent prices, head over to the two-story Cheesecake Factory inside Caesar’s Palace. For succulent American cuisine and a 9,000 bottle wine tower, head over to Aureole at Mandalay Bay.

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Las Vegas Shopping

The magnanimity of the malls in Las Vegas hotels still manage to astound visitors even visiting the city several years in a row. Planet Hollywood, Ceasar’s Palace and the Bellagio feature a few of the most grand malls in the entire city so reserve at least one afternoon for a walk-through, even if you’re not a shopaholic. If you want to be more adventurous, take a helicopter ride above Las Vegas to see Hoover Dam, ride the roller coasters at New York New York and Stratosphere or take a tour of the noted Little White Wedding Chapel. Remember that visiting Las Vegas during the week can save you a lot of money on hotels. Try booking through sites such as Monday through Thursday and you may come across deals as inexpensive as $50 per night.

Weekend Vacation Ideas

Weekend vacations are suitable for busy people who don’t have time to take longer trips. These mini trips can provide rest and relaxation while not creating the anxiety busy folks might feel during a longer trip that removes them from obligations for too long. Shorter trips are also easier on the budget while still providing shared memories for families, couples and friends.



Weekend vacations give one a change in scenery and routine, pulling one’s mind off its normal tracks.


Types of weekend vacation include a short drive to a destination you’ve never been, trip to a regular weekend getaway place that you own or lease, a biking trip, a festival, a spiritual retreat, a spa retreat, a camping trip, a family trip, a reunion, a hiking trip, a fishing trip, a romantic getaway, a mystery weekend or a shopping trip.


Vacation Take advantage of what is within a one-tank car ride from your home. For example, those within a two- or three-hour drive of an ocean or one of the Great Lakes can take a weekend trip to the beach; those within striking distance of a mountain range can rent a cabin for the weekend. Those not far from an inland lake can rent a cottage or go lakeside camping or fishing. Make the most of whatever attractions are in your region.


Sometimes a weekend vacation can be spent right at home. You can spend a couple of nights in a hotel with a pool, camp out nearby or sleep at home. You can take the family to museums, attend a special community event, take a bike ride together, go fishing, take long walks or hikes, plant a garden together, have a movie marathon or a read-a-thon, take long baths and do your nails and hair, or whatever you want to do that you normally don’t take time for in your routine.


Vacation Weekend vacations have the potential to give families time together to make memories. They provide couples an opportunity to be alone together away from all distractions. They give individuals time to pursue their interests or to experience solitude and nature, and an opportunity to sort things out and clear their minds of everyday concerns.

Limo Hire Glasgow – Make Your Day Luxurious

These days, the demand of chauffeured supercars is mushrooming day by day. You will find lots of people who are looking for luxury cars for different events. It doesn’t matter on what event you want to rent a car, you will get the luxury desired car at your place on your time. When a customer search for best car rentals then they will find limo hire Glasgow. You will never believe that how best is your car because everything will be the best on that day. On some special days such prom night you can also hire the car. Many people choose this method and take its advantage.

How to rent a luxury car?

There are couple of websites are available that gives their luxury cars on rent. You should search the website and follow the following steps-

  • Open the website and reach at the booking section. ssw
  • Choose the option from drive self or chauffeur hire.
  • After that, then select the vehicle.
  • Now the time is to select the timings and date of the rental.
  • Don’t forget to give the number of your age.
  • Use the credit card and pay the rent of the car.

Well, we have covered all the important points those will help you choose and rent the car on different days.

Check out the reviews

If you are going to select any car then don’t forget to check out the reviews first. These reviews are shared by all those customers who already rent the car. Even ratings will also help you to choose the best car for your best day. Moving further, you should definitely check out the photos of car that you are going to rent. It will be the best option for you because it helps you choose you limo hire Glasgow.

Do you like limousine?

Limousine is a very fantastic car that is very long in the size. People those who understand the importance of the limousine they definitely choose this option of luxury car. If you are more than 5 people, then should forget the SUV because you have already best option known as Limousine. Limousine is a very long car, but luxury in which you and your friends can easily get equipped. People those who do party they always choose the option of limousine. Many people take its advantage and still renting this amazing car.

Moving further, more than 8 people can easily enter and party in the limousine. Therefore you should also place its order and rent this car in order to go anywhere. Simply visit at the website and search for the limousine car in the section. Consequently, you will get the car in front of your screen and then check out its images. Due to this, you are able to get the best option. Don’t forget to take the advice  of your friends because they will also help you to take the right decision of car.

Things to Do Inside in NYC

New York City has two sides. One includes great parks, outdoor sites and architecture. The other includes wonderful indoor attractions that range from indoor sports complexes to Broadway plays. Have you ever had a New York style hot dog or slice of pizza? What about a trendy bowling alley filled with hip people and neon lights?

Things to Do Inside in NYC

Play Games

Chelsea Piers Sports Complex offers bowling, hockey and even a toddler adventure center, all indoors. Year long schedules and fees can be viewed at Visit Bowlmor Lanes in the Village for a trendy, fun bowling experience. Ultra colorful bowling lanes, funky designed walls and bright pool tables add to the allure of New York City.

Things to Do Inside in NYC

Try your hand at arcade games, burger bites and flavorful drinks at Dave and Buster’s. Located on 42nd street, the interactive entertainment restaurant and bar caters to adults. Visit to view discounts on meals and games.

Bright Lights on Broadway

Treat yourself to a wonderful time on Broadway. Go to the theater where you can witness a memorizing play or musical. Musicals like Disney’s Lion King cater to children, while plays cater to adults. Remember to plan your night out with precision by ordering tickets online. Try and make sure that you have your ticket before the day of the show. Unless, of course, you are being spontaneous.

Have Fun by the Water, but Don’t Get Wet

Plan a day to visit the New York Aquarium located on Surf avenue and West 8th street in Brooklyn, New York. Visit the exhibits and attractions. Stand in the presence of penguins, sharks, turtles, exotic fish and stingrays. Learn how they eat, sleep and reproduce. Also learn how ancient civilizations used fish for medicinal purposes. Enjoy the aquarium’s café and gift shop.

Things to Do Inside in NYC

New York eateries

Visit Gray’s Papaya, Ray’s Pizza or a family owned pizzeria and enjoy the taste of New York style food. Gray’s Papaya offers cheap hot dogs and tropical flavored drinks like papaya, pina colada and coconut champagne.

Diamonds Are Forever

Visit the Diamond District on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenue. Explore different merchants until you find the best deals for your budget. Remember that diamonds are not the only jewel they sell. At the Diamond District you can find gold, silver and precious gems.

Things to Do Inside in NYC

Talk yourself silly

Call or email and reserve tickets for a talk or late night show. Simply go online and find out the show’s ticket number or write down the number while you are watching the show. Tickets are free of charge.

Vacation Ideas in United States

Although many people like to travel overseas while on vacation, why not explore the United States? Regardless of whether you travel in a plane, bus or car, America has some beautiful landscapes that span over 3000 miles. The terrain and culture can change dramatically within just a short distance. Here is a quick list of must see attractions in the U.S.

Los Angeles, Calif.

This expansive port city offers the best in sightseeing from the glamor of Hollywood to some of the nation’s best beaches. You can try to spot your favorite celebrity’s star on the Walk of Fame, sign up for free tapings of your favorite network shows, visit the Los Angeles Natural History Museum or go to a game at the Staples Center.

Once you have explored most of the places you would like to see in Los Angeles, visit Orange County or San Diego due to their close proximity. Once in Orange County consider a visit to Disneyland, or discover Sea World while in San Diego. Due to the warm weather there are many things that you can do outdoors in Los Angeles and southern California.

Vacation Ideas in United States 1

Orlando, Fl.

Another great vacation idea is to visit “The Sunshine State.” Although this destination has the same clear skies and welcoming weather as Los Angeles, Orlando has different attractions. There is the world famous Disney World and Epcot Center. If you would like to see the Cirque de Soleil, visit them at their permanent venue, La Nouba, located in Downtown Disney.

If you want a change of scenery from the beaches, visit the other resort park, Universal Orlando. The resort has several theme parks including Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios Florida and Wet ‘n Wild.

Vacation Ideas in United States 1

New York City, N.Y.

A trip to the Big Apple will make your vacation rich with culture, from the Broadway theater district to some of the city’s most treasured monuments like the Statue of Liberty. If you go to New York you can take a ferry from Battery Park for a half-day excursion to Ellis Island, or sight see along Manhattan’s posh streets. If you are interested in finance or the economy, stroll through Wall Street in the financial district and get a free tour inside the New York Stock Exchange for an up-close look at the trading floor in person. New York City never sleeps, and there is plenty to see and do once you get there.

Vacation Ideas in United States 1


Your first stop should be Honolulu and the bustling city of Oahu. This urban city offers some of the state’s most favored beaches and is home to the Pearl Harbor exhibit of the USS Arizona. You may opt for a circle island cruise tour, which takes you to the neighboring islands of Maui, the Big Island and Kawaii for exploration. You will need at least one week to have ample time for touring the islands or just relaxing on the famed Waikiki beach in Honolulu.

Las Vegas Hotel Guide

If you’re looking for a fun weekend or a quick getaway, think Las Vegas. This Nevada city has so much to see and do: spectacular shopping, awesome casinos, fabulous clubs, and great spas and salons. These three hotels offer tired tourist respite from the overwhelming wild and wonderful.

The VenetianBellagio

Travelers who love luxury will find it at the Bellagio, thanks to its spa and salon, conservatory and botanical gardens, pools and courtyards, gallery of fine arts, golf, and concierge. The hotel offers guests an outstanding Las Vegas casino experience as well with slots, poker room, table games and a chance to play or watch the World Poker Tour. It also boasts a spectacular night life. As of April, the price to stay at the Bellagio averaged $400 to $600 a night per guest.

The VenetianThe Mirage
With its breath-taking views of tropical pool and mountains, The Mirage has travelers coming back time and again for more. Guests enjoy shopping in the Mirage’s boutiques, which offer designer clothes and jewelry. There’s also a spa and salon, golf course, nude pool and atrium. Its casino is fully equipped with poker slots, high-limit lounge and table games. Guests also love to meet and greet in one of The Mirage’s many bars and lounges. The price to stay at The Mirage in April was $200 to $600 a night per guest.

The VenetianThe Venetian
After a night of partying and gambling, the Venetian is a favorite place to escape. With its gondolas, cobblestone walkway, garden, golf course and spa, it’s almost like being in another world. Guests also can spend endless hours at the Grand Canal Shoppes, or relax at one its three pools. The hotel features a spectacular casino, with giant poker room, slot games and table games, and one of Las Vegas’ most popular clubs, the Tao. Rooms ran about $300 to $500 a night per guest in April.

The Advantages Of A Tapestry Weaving Machine

Always look for tapestry machines that come with embroidery and other personalized design elements since you can create your own personalised Affordable grey and white tapestry that look very pretty. While there are various kinds of tapestry machines you should invest in a tapestry machine that provides you with the option of tapestry in different sizes. This should be anywhere between 5 mm to 7 mm since this gives you the ideal perfect tapestry each time. Also always make sure that the tapestry machine that you purchase is automatic and does not require you to move your arms around. Since tapestry is very heavy you will get tired very easily.

Quilts have been very popular for a long time all over the world and while you can always go out and purchase a quilt from the market women enjoy making quilts in the comfort of their own home. It has been the tradition worldwide to create quits and if you’re keen on creating quilts for you and your loved ones but you do not like the idea of having to do it manually then you need to check out the latest quilting sewing machines available in the market. It is a good idea to invest in a good quality quilting sewing machine since you can continue to create quilts and you no longer have to think of purchasing them. Once you have a quilting machine in the house all you need to do is sit for a few hours and you will be ready with a new pretty quilt design that your family member or loved ones will enjoy.

While there are various kinds of quilting machines available in the market it is a good idea for you to check online and see which quilting machines are good and which ones are the ones that should be avoided. This enables you to get your hands on the perfect quilting machine that will last you for a very long time. Make sure you read reviews before you invest in the quilting machines as this will eliminate the risk of you purchasing a bad machine. Although quilting machines are not very cheap they last you a really long time and apart from creating quilts only for your family and friends you can also take it up as a business and sell them. If you plan on creating quilts that you would like to sell you should invest in a quilting machine that comes with an embroidery option so you can make the quilts look more pretty and personalized.

If you enjoy creating tapestry and if you love creating them in your house but you no longer like to work manually in order to get the perfect tapestry design then it’s time for you to check out the best weaving machine for tapestry. There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a weaving machine that is perfect for tapestry and although some people choose to create a tapestry on a normal weaving machine, it will end up wasting a lot of your time.

How to Buy Disposable Wedding Cameras

Disposable wedding cameras are a popular favor in any wedding reception. They ensure that the moments a wedding photographer might not find suitable for an album will be captured for posterity. If you wish to capture moments that will provide years of laughter and fond memories, purchasing disposable wedding cameras is easily accomplished.

Step 1
Decide on quantity. Would you like each guest to have a wedding camera, or would a few per table suffice? Wedding and party favor retailers often give discounts on bulk purchases.

Step 2
Decide on design. Will a plain camera work, or would you prefer a fancier, wedding-themed camera? Alternatively, many retailers offer the option of personalizing the camera to suit. Note that embellished or custom cameras will come at a higher price.

Step 3
Buy your wedding cameras. These can be had from party stores and other chain retailers. Wedding cameras are also available for purchase online. Websites such as and offer a selection of disposable wedding cameras in a variety of colors, styles and customizable options. Some might provide free or cheap photo processing. Allow enough time for shipping and handling to ensure that they arrive in time for the big event.