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IT & Computing


  • ICT4D Status Report 1.0
    source: http://bangladeshictpolicy.bytesforall.net
  • ICT Mediated Learning for Socio-Economic Empowerment
    Hakikur Rahman, SDNP Bangladesh.
  • Asian IT Minister's Summit 2004 - Hyderabad Declaration
    Hyderabad, January 12-13, 2004
    Geneva, 10-12 Dec 2003
  • World Telecommunication Development Report: Reinventing Telecoms
  • TechTransfer-2002: Bangladesh
    The International Convention for Technology, Investment, Entrepreneurship
  • First Asia Internet Right Conference was held in Seoul from November 8-10, 2001, which was organized by Korean Progressive Network, Jinbonet and sponsored by Japan Foundation  and endorsement the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).
  • Cisco Systems to set up 11 networking academies in Jamaica

Local ICT Policy

  • Final Report on the Law of Information Technology ACT
  • National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy (October : 2002)
    Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology. Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Information Technology Policy - (Draft) BCC
  • Information Technology Policy 2001-2005 - (Draft) BASIS 
  • National Science & Technology Policy 
  • Recommendations provided to the GOB on IT that is based on SBIT conference and various meetings with GOB officials (PDF format)

International ICT Policy

  • ICT Policy Indonesia
  • ICT Policy Philippines
  • ICT Policy Srilanka
  • ICT Policy Nepal
  • Indian ICT Policy 2002 - 2005

Recent Articles and Reports on ICT

  • Knowledge Networking for the Unreached
    Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) IT Conference 2002, 26-27 January, 2002, Kathmandu Nepal
    Author : Dr. Hakikur Rahman, Bangladesh
  • Asia-Pacific Telecommunication Indicators 2002
  • Current Status of Information and Communication Technology in Bangladesh Myth - Vs Fact
    Sayeed Rahman Governor’s Office for Technology, KY at AABEA Biennial Convention-2002 Washington DC 12th October, 2002


  • A national strategy for economic growth and poverty reduction
    Muhammad Yunus

  • Draft report on E-Readiness and Need Assessment submitted to the infoDev,
    World Bank on behalf of Content Team of Bangladesh Gateway.
    Compiled and Edited by Dr. M. Hakikur Rahman, Content Coordinator, Bangladesh Gateway;
    Supported by the Content Team, Bangladesh Gateway and SDNP Bangladesh.

  • Special Government policies for IT industry in Bangladesh

  • Internet in Bangladesh: A Millennium Perspective
    by: Hakikur Rahman, Bangladesh
    Nepal IT Conference : Jan 27 - 28, 2001, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Categories and Topic Areas: IT in developing countries- the SAARC experience.


  • Knowledge Networking for the Unreached 
    by: Hakikur Rahman, Bangladesh

  • Prospect of IT in Bangladesh - ASM Nazrul Islam

  • Status of Information Technology in Bangladesh
    SDNP Bangladesh Review

  • Report on Export of Computer Software from Bangladesh Problems and Prospects
    Prepared by
    : The committee formed by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh

  • Information Technology in Bangladesh
    Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, Professor of Civil Engineering, BUET

  • Special Government policies for IT Industry in Bangladesh

  • Export of Computer Software from Bangladesh

  • IT can be Bangladesh's Super Highway to Prosperity
    by: Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank
    Key-note Address Delivered at the Tech-Transfer 2000, North America Conference

  • Leading Sectors for U.S. exports and investment in Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh 2010 (pdf format, size:120k). Dr. Yunus's speech (15th. Oct 1999, Asiatic Society) that is under high criticism.

  • "Asian businesses will soon use the Internet more than Europeans", (word file)
    By Linda Leung in Silicon Valley; VNU Business Publications Ltd

  • Tech•Ed site to find out more about how Microsoft and UNHCR are working together. 
    Full text of High Commissioner Sadako Ogata's Keynote Address to Tech-Ed 2000 (4 July 2000) 


  • The Net Effect on the National Status, Bangkok

International Reports

  • Cyber Security Statement - FBI Report

  • State of the Internet 2000

Local Organizations, Associations & Companies

  • Internet Service Providers in Bangladesh

  • Cyber Cafe

  • List of IT Companies in Bangladesh

  • Computer Vendors

  • Bangladesh Computer Council

  • Bangladesh Software Developers

International Organizations

  • Centre for Institutional Reform & the Informal Sector (IRIS)
    Special info on e-commerce in developing countries & Bangladesh.



  • Help with Searches

  • Search for People on the Internet

  • Search for Topics on the World Wide Web

  • Search for Discussions - Search for Electronic Mailing Lists -& Usenet Newsgroups

  • Other Searches - Search for Telnet Sites - Search for Software

  • Search Engine Guide

Electronic Commerce

  • New: UNCTAD Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean
    Promoting E-business, Trade Facilitation and Logistics 
    Rio de Janeiro, 25-27 November 2003
  • New: UNCTAD E-commerce and Development Report 2003
    Launch date: 20 November 2003
  • New: UNCTAD High-level Regional Conference for Transition Economies
    ICT and E-Business Strategies for Development
    Geneva, 20-21 October 2003
  • UNCTAD Expert meeting: Measuring e-commerce
    Geneva, 8-10 September 2003
  • UNCTAD Regional Conference for Africa
    e-commerce Strategies for Development
    Tunis, 19-21 June 2003
  • UNCTAD TDB Commission
    Measuring e-commerce; Open Source/Free Software
    Geneva, 26 February 2003
  • UNCTAD E-commerce and Development Report 2002
  • UNCTAD-UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
    e-commerce Strategies for Development
    Bangkok, 20-22 November 2002
  • Access Certificates for Electronic Services
  • Streamlining Government through Electronic Commerce
  • Electronic Commerce/EDI- Federal Implementation Conventions
  • Electronic Commerce Resource Center
  • The Possibilities with Electronic Commerce
  • Electronic commerce strategies for development: The Basic Elements of an Enabling Environment for E-commerce
    Issues note by the UNCTAD secretariat
    TD/B/COM.3/EM.15/2 (2002)
    Download  (pdf)

  • E-Finance and Small and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) in Developing and Transition Economies
    Background paper by the UNCTAD secretariat
    UNCTAD/SDTE/Misc.48 (2001)
    Download (pdf)

  • E-commerce and Development Report 2001
    Report by the UNCTAD secretariat
    UN Sales No. E.01.II.D.30
    More information and downloads

  • Electronic commerce and tourism: New perspectives and challenges for developing countries
    Background report by the UNCTAD secretariat
    TD/B/COM.3/EM.9/2 (2000)
    Download  (pdf)

  • Tariffs, taxes and electronic commerce: Revenue implications for developing countries
    UNCTAD publication (2000)
    Download (pdf)

  • Building Confidence: Electronic Commerce and Development
    Report by the UNCTAD secretariat
    UNCTAD/SDTE/MISC.11 (2000)
    Download  (pdf) 

  • Can electronic commerce be an engine for global growth?
    Electronic commerce and the integration of developing countries and countries with economies in transition in international trade
    Note by the UNCTAD secretariat
    TD/B/COM.3/23 (1999)
    Download  (pdf)

  • Electronic Commerce: Legal considerations
    Study prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat
    UNCTAD/SDTE/BFB/1 (1998)
    Download  (pdf)

Software - Articles, Research, Documents, and Tools

DoD Data & Analysis Center for Software (DACS)
DoD DACS Technical Reports
A State of the Art Report: A Business Case for Software Process Improvement
A State of the Art Report: Software Design Methods
A State of the Art Report: Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web; An Engineering Approach
A State of the Art Report: Software Engineering Baselines
A History of Software Measurement at Rome Laboratory
A Study of Software Management: The State of Practice in the United States and Japan
A Review of Non-Ada to Ada Conversion
A Review of Formal Methods
An Analysis of 2 Formal Methods: VDM and Z
Analyzing Quantitative Data through the Web
Artificial Neural Networks Technology
Object-Oriented Database Management Systems
Rome Laboratory Research in Software Measurement
Software Interoperability
Technology Transfer Across the Internet
The Present Value of Software Maintenance
Modern Empirical Cost and Schedule Estimation Tools
Software Prototyping and Requirements Engineering

Databases (Searchable)

Software Engineering Bibliographic (SEB) Database
Software Lifecycle Empirical Database (SLED)
DACS Broadcast Service
DACS Broadcast Service Archives
DACS "Software Tech News" Newsletter

Topic Areas

Acronyms, Dictionaries, Glossaries & Other Library Resources
Cleanroom Software Engineering
Client/Server Architectures
Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)
Cost Estimation
Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery
Formal Methods

Object-Oriented (OO) Technologies

Plans, Policies and Standards
Rapid Prototyping and Requirements Engineering
Reuse of Software Assets
Software Inspections
Software Measurement
Software Process Improvement (SPI)
Technology Base
The Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem

Standards - Information Technology

International Organization for Standards (ISO Information)
Computer Graphics Standards


Telecommute America -Discover a New Workplace

Year 2000 Issues

Federal Government's Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories
Y2K Fraud Schemes,Criminal Division, Department of Justice
The Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem

Free Programming Tutorials

Brewing Java: A Tutorial

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