Successful Yard Sale Tips

Successful Yard Sale Tips

The warm weather is here and so is the season of yard sales and garage sales.

I love yard sales. I love hunting for yard sale treasures as much as I love putting on a yard sale for my son’s charity.

Yard sales and garage sales are perfect for cleaning out your clutter while making extra money for family vacation or as fundraisers for your favorite charity.

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Every year my family and friends get together in May and we have a huge yard sale for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

There are few tips for successful yard sale you should follow to make sure you make or raise as much money as possible.

Pick a Good Date and Day

  • check you calendar and make sure you don’t hold your yard sale during important or special holidays
  • don’t have a yard sale during the 3 day weekend (lots of people are out of town)
  • if you are going for 2-day sale make it Friday and Saturday
  • don’t have a yard sale on Sunday – people think you are desperate to get rid of you leftovers and they will low ball you on every single item

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Think Ahead

  • ask your family and friends to join your yard sale and advertise as Multifamily Yard Sale – it will draw a bigger crowd
  • place attractive classified ads in all of your local newspapers and surrounding areas the week of the yard sale
  • make yard sale signs to post around the neighborhood the night before or early in the morning – use bright orange poster paper with black lettering
  • pick a theme for your yard sale and let your kids sell cold drinks and hot dogs or baked goods, play music – make it a party and people will stay longer and browse

Prepare and Price Your Items

  • make sure all of your items are clean and in good working condition – make sure you keep extension cord on hand or you have an electric outlet near by
  • put price stickers on all of your items, but hike up the price a little – people get discouraged and frustrated when they don’t see prices on items
  • price all of your books, CDs, old records and movies either in groups or separately, but do price them – they are money makers
  • don’t overcharge even if some items are new – it is a yard sale and people are looking for bargains
  • keep small items that are hard to price by itself in boxes and offer price per bag – supply plastic bags and let people fill them up

Successful Yard Sale Tips

Day of The Yard Sale

  • place your tables close to the road and put all your best selling and big items right in front – it will bring more people in
  • if possible hang all of your clothes and arrange them by sex and size – sell small items by bag
  • keep rearranging your tables so they don’t look empty – keep putting away empty tables so people who drive by don’t think that all the good stuff is gone
  • acknowledge everybody and strike up a friendly conversation
  • post signs letting people know that you are open to offers – yard sale power-buyers love to haggle and think that they got the best deal
  • offer freebies – have one or two boxes filled with miscellaneous items for people to take – most people find something little they like and then they feel like they need to buy something from you as well
  • if you are donating all the proceeds to charity let people know with posters and signs – many people will donate extra for a good cause

Most important tip for successful yard sale is HAVE FUN!