The Health Effects Of Cannabis

One of the heated arguments in the planet today is whether or not cannabis or marijuana should be legal and should be accepted in the medical field. While there are proven negative effects of marijuana to human’s health, both physically and mentally, there are studies claiming that marijuana is an effective medicinal plant in curing certain diseases. With the evidences and claims of two sides, the big question remains a question and the arguments have heated enormously. If you are still uncertain what side you should support, this article will arm you with the information relevant and necessary for you to have a valid and clear judgment and discernment whether cannabis is a good or bad substance. Here are some of the health effects of marijuana.

Treats chronic pain

Different studies have claimed that marijuana treats chronic pain. With over 25 million adults in the United States who are suffering from this kind of pain, marijuana is claimed to one of the medicinal plants that can cure chronic pain. Based on studies, marijuana contains cannabinoids, an ingredient that acts on the same receptors in our brain are indeed effective in curing and reducing chronic pain.

Treats Mental illness

Stress, anxiety, traumatic disorder and even depression are juts some of the mental illnesses claimed to be cured by marijuana. Studies have shown that marijuana is an effective medicine to relieve mental diseases and its symptoms. However, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine contradicted this study. In the contrary, they found out that marijuana increases the risk of the mentioned mental illnesses.


Some studies claim that oral cannabinoids, ingredients of marijuana are effective substances used to fight vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy. In other studies, marijuana is also an effective medicine in reducing the symptoms of such diseases. Hence, the main reason for this is that these studies suggest that cannabinoids can slow down the cancer cells in growing inside a human body.

Negative effects

Despite the claimed health benefits of marijuana, there are studies that contradict cannabis as a medicinal ingredient. Studies show that marijuana can cause mental health problems, testicular cancer, and respiratory diseases. Additionally, when talking about addiction, marijuana doesn’t just affect the body – mentally and physically of an individual, but because of the over usage of this substance, the entire environment of an addicted individual will be affected.

Explaining and expounding about marijuana, its benefits and risks would take us forever. Even the world of medicine is still in the phase of discovery. But as individual, it is always important to be aware and be armed with necessary facts and insights about cannabis. So, if you would like to know more about marijuana, visit for more detailed information. With this, you will be able to weigh and determine the effects of cannabis in the human body. This topic has been a world wide issue, hence it is important for a responsible citizen to have a stand and side on this matter.