Weekend Vacation Ideas


Weekend vacations are suitable for busy people who don’t have time to take longer trips. These mini trips can provide rest and relaxation while not creating the anxiety busy folks might feel during a longer trip that removes them from obligations for too long. Shorter trips are also easier on the budget while still providing shared memories for families, couples and friends.



Weekend vacations give one a change in scenery and routine, pulling one’s mind off its normal tracks.


Types of weekend vacation include a short drive to a destination you’ve never been, trip to a regular weekend getaway place that you own or lease, a biking trip, a festival, a spiritual retreat, a spa retreat, a camping trip, a family trip, a reunion, a hiking trip, a fishing trip, a romantic getaway, a mystery weekend or a shopping trip.


Vacation Take advantage of what is within a one-tank car ride from your home. For example, those within a two- or three-hour drive of an ocean or one of the Great Lakes can take a weekend trip to the beach; those within striking distance of a mountain range can rent a cabin for the weekend. Those not far from an inland lake can rent a cottage or go lakeside camping or fishing. Make the most of whatever attractions are in your region.


Sometimes a weekend vacation can be spent right at home. You can spend a couple of nights in a hotel with a pool, camp out nearby or sleep at home. You can take the family to museums, attend a special community event, take a bike ride together, go fishing, take long walks or hikes, plant a garden together, have a movie marathon or a read-a-thon, take long baths and do your nails and hair, or whatever you want to do that you normally don’t take time for in your routine.


Vacation Weekend vacations have the potential to give families time together to make memories. They provide couples an opportunity to be alone together away from all distractions. They give individuals time to pursue their interests or to experience solitude and nature, and an opportunity to sort things out and clear their minds of everyday concerns.