Where Can I Read Spanish News In English?

We humans tend to keep in touch with the news since they are dynamic, interesting and keeps us well informed of our surroundings. Keeping touch with the news helps us strike up intelligent conversations and participate in them actively thereby boosting our personality. However a big problem that you may face while following any particular news website or TV channel is that they tend to focus on the world news, only pinpointing the issues and events that are most striking to the general audience. If the news website is national or regional it will exclusively focus on the region involved only. So then how do you get all relevant news if you are interested in one specific country that does not happen to be in your region? What if you want to read about the events unfolding in Spain and Latin American countries yet you cannot, since their news websites are in Spanish. If language is the only barrier that is stopping you from following Spanish news, we have got you covered. Stated below is a list of websites that offers Spanish news translated in English, making them an easy read.

  • El Pais:

El Pais is the second most popular and widely circulated newspaper running in Spain. While it may be in Spanish and the news portrayed in the website are mostly about Latin American countries, the website is also available in an English version. You can change the language of the paper from the drop down box available. The El Pais website is categorized into many sections ranging from international, economical, social, technological, entertainment and so on. Each news article is provided with relevant images and videos to make news reading more interesting and interactive. To add to the website’s feature, you can also change the font to small or big according to your requirement. You can also adjust the contrast of the webpage by enabling night mode.

  • The Local:

The local is a multi-regional digital news publisher and although essentially an English paper, it runs editions of countries such Austria, Sweden, Spain, Norway, France, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and Germany. Each regional sector focuses primarily on that region and offers news regarding all noteworthy events taking place within the country. The Local offer translation of Spanish news in English language regarding all issues such as political, economical, technical, sports, entertainment etc. Apart from the news, there are also various sections that can be found on webpage that focuses on the Spanish language, beauty of the country, habits, travel, culture and so on.

  • The Independent:

The Independent is an online news distributer which began its publishing from London. The paper consists of various versions dedicated to various countries around the world. Spain is one of the countries that Independent widely focuses on. The website brings you all the latest news, blogs, videos and images concerning Spain. The website has been broadly classified into sections that include politics, voices, sport, culture, indy/life, video etc. Under these sections you will be given more choices and alternatives to choose from, so that you can read articles according to your interest.