Limo Hire Glasgow – Make Your Day Luxurious

These days, the demand of chauffeured supercars is mushrooming day by day. You will find lots of people who are looking for luxury cars for different events. It doesn’t matter on what event you want to rent a car, you will get the luxury desired car at your place on your time. When a customer search for best car rentals then they will find limo hire Glasgow. You will never believe that how best is your car because everything will be the best on that day. On some special days such prom night you can also hire the car. Many people choose this method and take its advantage.

How to rent a luxury car?

There are couple of websites are available that gives their luxury cars on rent. You should search the website and follow the following steps-

  • Open the website and reach at the booking section. ssw
  • Choose the option from drive self or chauffeur hire.
  • After that, then select the vehicle.
  • Now the time is to select the timings and date of the rental.
  • Don’t forget to give the number of your age.
  • Use the credit card and pay the rent of the car.

Well, we have covered all the important points those will help you choose and rent the car on different days.

Check out the reviews

If you are going to select any car then don’t forget to check out the reviews first. These reviews are shared by all those customers who already rent the car. Even ratings will also help you to choose the best car for your best day. Moving further, you should definitely check out the photos of car that you are going to rent. It will be the best option for you because it helps you choose you limo hire Glasgow.

Do you like limousine?

Limousine is a very fantastic car that is very long in the size. People those who understand the importance of the limousine they definitely choose this option of luxury car. If you are more than 5 people, then should forget the SUV because you have already best option known as Limousine. Limousine is a very long car, but luxury in which you and your friends can easily get equipped. People those who do party they always choose the option of limousine. Many people take its advantage and still renting this amazing car.

Moving further, more than 8 people can easily enter and party in the limousine. Therefore you should also place its order and rent this car in order to go anywhere. Simply visit at the website and search for the limousine car in the section. Consequently, you will get the car in front of your screen and then check out its images. Due to this, you are able to get the best option. Don’t forget to take the advice  of your friends because they will also help you to take the right decision of car.


The Advantages Of A Tapestry Weaving Machine

Always look for tapestry machines that come with embroidery and other personalized design elements since you can create your own personalised Affordable grey and white tapestry that look very pretty. While there are various kinds of tapestry machines you should invest in a tapestry machine that provides you with the option of tapestry in different sizes. This should be anywhere between 5 mm to 7 mm since this gives you the ideal perfect tapestry each time. Also always make sure that the tapestry machine that you purchase is automatic and does not require you to move your arms around. Since tapestry is very heavy you will get tired very easily.

Quilts have been very popular for a long time all over the world and while you can always go out and purchase a quilt from the market women enjoy making quilts in the comfort of their own home. It has been the tradition worldwide to create quits and if you’re keen on creating quilts for you and your loved ones but you do not like the idea of having to do it manually then you need to check out the latest quilting sewing machines available in the market. It is a good idea to invest in a good quality quilting sewing machine since you can continue to create quilts and you no longer have to think of purchasing them. Once you have a quilting machine in the house all you need to do is sit for a few hours and you will be ready with a new pretty quilt design that your family member or loved ones will enjoy.

While there are various kinds of quilting machines available in the market it is a good idea for you to check online and see which quilting machines are good and which ones are the ones that should be avoided. This enables you to get your hands on the perfect quilting machine that will last you for a very long time. Make sure you read reviews before you invest in the quilting machines as this will eliminate the risk of you purchasing a bad machine. Although quilting machines are not very cheap they last you a really long time and apart from creating quilts only for your family and friends you can also take it up as a business and sell them. If you plan on creating quilts that you would like to sell you should invest in a quilting machine that comes with an embroidery option so you can make the quilts look more pretty and personalized.

If you enjoy creating tapestry and if you love creating them in your house but you no longer like to work manually in order to get the perfect tapestry design then it’s time for you to check out the best weaving machine for tapestry. There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a weaving machine that is perfect for tapestry and although some people choose to create a tapestry on a normal weaving machine, it will end up wasting a lot of your time.

Lame Gas Station Squeegees

I admit this is a trivial topic today but isn’t that the theme of this site? 🙂 This is one of those little things that bug me whenever I experience it, and this morning was one of those times. So the first thing that comes to mind is to come on over and share.

I like a clean windshield in my vehicle. Clear sight is a big part of safe driving, but I really like a clean window. Nothing in my line of sight, no smudges or previously squashed bugs last very long with me. Call it a fault if you must, but I just like my windshield to be free of any distracting blemishes.

With that in mind, I am one that cleans my windshield at the gas station every time I fill up. Those courtesy squeegees that have become a staple to most gas stations have become a critical part in my choice of where I fill my tank. I am selective of my stations because I really hate when a station doesn’t keep a fresh, high performing squeegee at every station.

If you have ever decided to clean your windshield with one of these squeegees only to have it leave more streaks with every swipe than it cleans off then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Though it may be a freebie, if I repeatedly deal with a cracked or warped squeegee that doesn’t do its job, I will end up finding a different gas station to fill up. Right along with that, if the station doesn’t keep the cleaning solution full and clean along with the paper towels stocked, I’ll end up somewhere else. Of course price per gallon is my first reason to choose a station, but that squeegee station leaves an impact.

Yes, this may seem petty to some, but for me, it is a part of the fill station experience. It’s those little things in life that help it go smoothly or leave me grumbling about not going back until they get their services right. I am sure there is a little life lesson in there somewhere you could draw out, but I’ll just rant a little and let you apply the warm fuzzy part yourself 🙂

Worrying About Underage Drinking

Brad, the “dad”

The Valkyrie, at 17.6 years of age, will be going off to college in just a few months. She’ll be joining a friend we’ve known for years who’s two years older than she is. I like her friend a lot – smart, enthusiastic, talented, hard-working…


I happened to walk in on a conversation between them just yesterday, where Friend was telling a story about a silly thing she did when she was just a little bit drunk last weekend. (Friend isn’t quite 21 yet, which means she’s too young to buy alcohol.) It wasn’t anything horrible – she didn’t drive her car into a wall or have sex (or even make out) with some stranger; it was just silly. And they both treated it as oh-so-harmless and funny and inconsequential.

I’m pretty sure the Valk hasn’t done any drinking yet; Lord knows here in California the institutional “don’t drink/do drugs/ have sex” messages start in preschool, and maybe even prenatally. And I’ve seen her calmly, firmly keep away from that stuff in a high school where alcohol and drugs are available, though not epidemic. Besides, I did a fair amount of recreational imbibing myself in college, and I’m not naïve. It’s going to happen.


It’s yet another instance where we have to trust that the messages we’ve given her and the behavior we’ve tried to model will be enough to give her guidance. After all, that’s the central question for parents of ‘departing’ teens, isn’t it? Not What can I do? (since the answer almost always seems to be “Nothing now,”) but How much should I worry?

So: How much should I worry?

Mary, the “mom”

Well Dad, no matter what anyone says, you’re going to worry when the Valk departs. I’m not there yet, but my sense from what I’ve seen is that it just goes with the territory. But, on this particular issue, I’m thinking that if the Valk’s come this far – end of senior year of high school – without drinking, then you’re doing something right! And, to give credit where credit’s due, she has her act together!

Lots of kids are exposed to those “don’t drink/do drugs/have sex” messages, but many don’t listen. Since the Valk has apparently listened, at least you know that she “gets it” about drinking and how it impacts teen brains. And, you know that she’s observed the good model you’ve provided. I know that no underage drinking is acceptable, but if she chooses to experiment, I think you can feel somewhat comforted believing that she’ll proceed with caution.

The Valk has made good decisions so far. So, Dad, focus on that and try not to worry so much!

Rach, the “teen”

I think the amount of worrying you do should relate directly to how you’ve taught your daughter about making safe decisions. You taught the Valk not to drink, do drugs, or have unsafe sex. You enforced those rules, you were an example, and you let her know what was acceptable (and what was not) in your household, right?

I bet you did all of that. But, no matter how much you trust that your daughter will make safe decisions about alcohol, you will still worry. A lot.

Now you have to trust that you taught your daughter the right lessons. That you were an example, and that that will be enough to help her through all the decisions she will have to make without you.

Mom is right, focusing on the positives up to this point is important. And continuing the messages of “no drugs, no sex, no alcohol” in college will help her (and you) feel better about the Valk making her own informed responsible choices.

Adult Acne

Yesterday’s topic on allergies got me thinking of another adult malady that I never expected, adult acne. Yes, we may have a little body complaint theme going here, but don’t read into it. I just go with the flow when the thoughts come to mind. My self-esteem is intact. Don’t you remember all the pain and anguish of dealing with acne as a teen? I hated it, but that’s not novel, we all did. Oh sure, some of you may have been blessed with perfect skin, but the rest of us dealt with this beast for years. I feel fortunate that my dealings were pretty minimal compared to those with extreme cases, but it didn’t feel like it at the time. As a teen, that glaring pimple is all anyone can see when it shows its ugly head.

They always showed up in the worst places too. Right on the tip of the nose, all over the chin, etc. Anywhere that everyone can see it and no way to hide it. I was always embarrassed, but then I was a pretty self-conscious teen. I got over it.

I can remember thinking as a teen how I can’t wait to get past all this and finally be an adult without acne problems. Yep, there was one more instance I was naive. Thankfully my adult skin problems are nothing like as a youth, but it’s still there. Kind of a gross self-revelation, but I’ve revealed worse things in life.

Is this plight something just to keep my ego in check? If so, I don’t need it! I am reminded in plenty of other ways of my fallibility thank you very much. I don’t need the painful, ugly blemishes as a reminder. Just like as a teen, they always seem to come at the most inopportune times too; but then is there ever an opportune time for a zit?

I promise that I have good personal hygiene, that isn’t the problem. I clean up good, so my wife tells me. I even lotion up my skin better than the average guy…I think. Though I am not experiencing a Job-like plague, these periodic little volcanoes of joy still drive me nuts.

I guess we can’t be perfect. If this is the one thing I have to endure, then so be it. Oh wait, what about all those other imperfections. Darn it.

Health Insurance is Fun and Enjoyable

I love dealing with health insurance. Paying their rates is just a great way to know that my family is being taken care of. What a pleasant opportunity it is to know that such a significant amount of money is going towards the possibility of my family getting sick or injured and needing their services. Even better is being a part of an HMO that requires you go to a particular doctor or pay even more money instead of receiving benefits.

Whenever I have had the opportunity to make a claim for some sort of health care needed, it is such a pleasant experience. Getting refused on a basic claim is something I look forward to. Even better are the late notices I receive when my insurance company doesn’t pay the bill promptly. What a joy it is to call on these late notices and find that the claim was misplaced, not processed, or otherwise refused without notice. Efficiency is not needed when the ultimate responsibility falls on me to be sure these bills are paid, even when it is the responsibility of the carrier. No worries, I’ll take care of it.

(end sarcasm)

I think the only thing more of a mess than our health care and insurance situation is the tax code. The cost of health care is out of control, and most of the increasing costs are in the cost of drugs. How can this be such an epidemic in our country when it affects every person and not have a significant change already be in the works? Politicians talk about fixing it, but I have yet to see any benefits trickle down to my bottom line. Health insurance is not a protection program, it is a profit center with every nuance designed to exclude the possibility of paying out more money than they take in.

I am fortunate to have insurance provided by my employer. This is something I am very grateful for. They read this site, so I have to say that, but I really do. The cost to my company is simply out of control and unacceptable. I don’t care if people in our company have used our insurance, it’s unacceptable to we get rated up to the highest legally allowed amount. There should be better controls to limit the profit these companies (and the health care providers) reap in this screwed up system. Somehow there has to be a better system, and at the current price hikes we are experiencing every year, something better come soon or there is no way the common employer can continue to pay these rates.

Edit: I found this in a recent CNN article about Ford Motor Company’s continued losses and was astounded. “Even with the changes in the health care plans, the company spent $3.1 billion on U.S. health care in 2006, or an average of about $1,200 per vehicle, putting it at a cost disadvantage with some overseas automakers who have health care costs of workers building imported vehicles paid by foreign governments.” I had no idea that much cost into each vehicle could be attributed to employee health care costs. Amazing.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not€¦.

I read an article over the weekend that said the average American will spend $127.00 on Valentine’s Day stuff. This web site http://retailindustry.about.com/od/sales_holiday/a/valentines_day.htm has very interesting stats….

Now all that is fine and good but what drives me to want to smack someone with a Hallmark card is this”¦do we women NEED more stress??? Isn’t our self-esteem low enough with the weight loss ads every 15 seconds on TV, the Victoria Secret Models in their wings, and the TV spots for botox telling us “It’s MY time” isn’t THAT enough? But NO”¦.here we are still getting past the guilt of yet another set of New Year resolutions being broken not 4 weeks in when the stores are filled to the gills with Valentine Day stuff!!!! Grocery stores, drug stores, department stores and jewelry stores”¦isles filled with candy, cards, stuffed animals and lacy lingerie all jumping out saying”¦ “If he loved you”¦you’d get some of this.”

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not So”¦how did I fend on the old V-Day? First I will cut my hubby some slack here as we were up to our heart undies in snow and ice so no last minute Run For The Roses in Costco like Jeremy posted about BUT”¦. I don’t buy he never was in a place where he could have picked up a card”¦heck you could even get a card at the Gas Stations! So that being said”¦Did I decide my lovability on what I received on Valentine’s Day? Of course! I was brainwashed like the rest of the women! LOL!

I told myself it didn’t’ matter that the average man would spend $135.00 on his sweetheart”¦I was secure in my love. It didn’t’ matter what the morning news/talk shows had a week-long of Romantic Tips for the BIG day”¦I didn’t NEED a handwritten love note with Belgian Chocolates attached to feel like a woman! Diamonds were NOT my best friends”¦long stem red roses made me sneeze”¦I didn’t’ need to know Victoria’s Secret! HA! I’m a secure middle aged 21 years married woman! So why when I approached my hubby as he sat at his computer yesterday morning with a card and small box of his fav chocolates did I linger waiting”¦hoping he said, “Oh hold on”¦let me get your gift?” Why? WHY? Because the media told me “If he loved you”¦you’d get some of this stuff” At first my heart sank when no precipitating gift came and the twinge grew as the morning went on as I thought more about it and as every show on TV was about romance and love”¦wasn’t I HIS Valentine?

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

But once I allowed myself to stop looking thru the eyes of the advertisers and I looked with my heart I saw what LOVE really means”¦. I saw how lucky I am and how very loved I am.

Yesterday my hubby shoveled the snow and ice off our driveway and cars”¦.this took him hours and he never once complained. When our power and lights went out he brought me a flashlight first. And when our power came back on and I was able to cook dinner he came up behind me as I stood at the stove and hugged me saying, “Now that smells comforting.” And after we ate he said to my daughter, “Let’s thank Mom for such a great dinner!” And this morning he got up and went to work and I could tell everything hurt from all the shoveling he had done. And the last thing he said to me was, “I cleaned off your car and you have a full tank”¦if you need to go out for anything let me know so maybe I can pick it up on my way home so you can stay in.” How romantic is that I ask”¦Oh baby”¦THE BEST!

MIRL drills bonanza gold grades at Corihuarmi

TSX, AIM and Lima listed Minera IRL has been eking out positive cashflow over the past six or so years from the fairly small, and supposedly short-life, Corihuarmi heap-leach gold mine in Peru. As an example of how to get the most out of an ultra short life project has few peers and it now looks as though Corihuarmi’s mine life could be extended further beyond its current 2015 expected closure date, with the finding of new heap-leach grade mineralisation through exploration diamond drilling very close to the existing mining operation.

And, what is more, for the first time at Corihuarmi, the drilling has, in two holes, intersected what the company describes as narrow bonanza gold grades which could lead to a new exploration focus in that area given the company has not found such high-grade material in the past.

As Minera IRL points out, Corihuarmi continues to generate sound cash flow. In 2014, the mine is forecast to mine and treat 2.5 million tonnes at an average grade of 0.3g/t Au. Gold production in Q1 2014 was 5,834 ounces at a cash site operating cost of $737 per ounce (total cash cost of $831 per ounce sold). Moving forward, the company notes, new Peruvian government regulations have been enacted to streamline and speed up the approval process and facilitate development of new mining areas such as those found at Corihuarmi.Drilling has been focused on the Laura

Drilling has been focused on the Laura, Cayhua and Cerro Rojo prospects, all located within about a km of the existing Corihuarmi heap leach pads and potentially economic gold mineralisation, at similar grades to that currently being mined and treated by heap leach, has been intersected in new zones at the Laura and Cayhua prospects. In addition, the bonanza-grade gold mineralisation has been intersected at the Cerro Rojo prospect.
The latter is obviously of particular interest and while the widths recorded are fairly narrow, the grades are particularly high – 1.1m grading 53.4g/t gold (including 0.6m grading 87.9g/t Au) and 1.3m grading 90.9g/t gold.

The company will thus be continuing with its exploration drilling programme around Corihuarmi to further delineate the new material with a view to defining sufficient ore to continue the heap leach operations and, at Cerro Rojo, to investigate further the high grades encountered there.

In commenting on the new results, Mineral IRL’s Executive Chairman, Courtney Chambaerlain, noted: “The drilling program has been highly encouraging on two fronts. These substantial leach grade gold intersections, particularly at the Laura Zone, have the potential to extend the life of the Corihuarmi Mine. Also, for the first time, Minera IRL has drilled bonanza-grade intersections in two holes below an outcropping silicified structure at the top of Cerro Rojo which opens up a new exploration model for us to pursue.”

TSX, AIM and Lima listed Minera IRL

Any extension of positive cashflow from Corihuarmi will be invaluable for Minera IRL which is currently involved in raising finance to build its flagship Ollachea gold project, also in Peru, where it has defined a low-cost underground mining operation containing gold reserves of approximately 1 million ounces, with a big additional inferred resource too. The project has received the necessary Environmental and Social Impact permits, and is now awaiting the final Construction permit which is expected any time now.

The company also has extensive highly prospective land holdings in the Deseado Massif area of Argentina and is involved in bringing one of these, Don Nicolas, into production. Here it has negotiated a deal with Argentinian company, CIMINAS, which is investing sufficient funds to bring a mine on stream leaving Minera IRL’s Argentinian subsidiary with a 51% stake in the holding company for the project. Construction commenced here at the beginning of the current year and production at a rate of around 50,000 oz/year gold equivalent, of which half will be attributable to Minera IRL, is expected to begin early 2015.

About Snowboard Travel Bags

Snowboarding is a popular and expensive sport that often requires traveling. A snowboard travel bag is one of the best ways to keep your gear organized and protected while traveling to and from the mountains.

Most snowboard bags are soft and have padded liners to protect your gear, but for the best protection choose a heavier, but tough, hard case.

About Snowboard Travel Bags

Snowboard bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate snowboards of different lengths. Some bags are larger so they can hold more than one snowboard if you are going on an extended trip or to a remote destination.

Snowboard bags usually have one large compartment that zips open. More expensive bags may be padded, have wheels or have multiple zippered pockets for organization. Every bag comes with a carry strap of some sort.

About Snowboard Travel Bags

A fully loaded snowboard bag can be heavy, but a wheeled bag can make it easier to transport.

If you are going to store your gear in a snowboard bag during the off-season, be sure to dry it out so that no odors develop.

Dealed To Death – Are Your Coupons Going To A Zombie Audience?

Consumers are experts at finding ways to filter out the daily bombardment of advertisements through most mediums. However, with people now opting into more and more daily deals, how can you be sure they aren’t turning a blind eye to the amazing special on your product or services?

Dealed To Death

Like clockwork every Monday I open my eyes to an inbox full of half off deals and discounted products. I’m not entirely sure when I managed to sign up for every single subscription coupon newsletter but for the rest of the week I’ll spend more time deleting new arrivals than even looking to see if there is something worth purchasing.

Yet, I’m incapable of unsubscribing from them in mass, fearful that will be the week where everything I like to do will be half off. If we break down the math, assuming that I received an offer every weekday for the last year from five varying sources, I’ve received 1,300 opportunities to purchase something potentially awesome. How many have I purchased? Three.

They were purchased based on the fact that the deals were simple, impulse priced, and something I would definitely do within the coming three months. I would certainly eat a burger, see a movie, or go bowling. These deals were also some of the most successful, selling out completely. Those three finds keep me receiving an additional 1,300 emails a year to possibly buy cheaper movie tickets again, and I hardly ever open them.

This seems completely illogical to me. As a marketer, it causes me to question how successful these programs really are for those purchasing them. Are there really people who open them every day or do they wait to hear from someone else that there is a fantastic deal that day? Have they reached their limit of discounted colonics and filtered them out completely?

Dealed To Death

A coupon may seem like a quick fix for a steady flow of new business to your product or business. However, a healthy amount of research about your actual customers may provide more valuable opportunities for you to get them back through your doors. Strategy is the key to properly allocating your resources. After all, a coupon may bring people to your business once, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll ever be back.

Fun Vacation Ideas

Options are endless when planning a vacation full of fun that will leave you with great memories. Sometimes you want a cultural, learning experience in a historic location, and other times you simply want a relaxing week on the beach. Whether you are interested in city hopping in Europe, staying close to home in the U.S. or experiencing the Caribbean, there are plenty of choices for your next vacation.Vacation

Explore Vienna

Vienna is full of history, impressive buildings and delicious food. The city is easily accessible by plane or train, and once you arrive, you will be amazed by the walkability of its streets. Pedestrian and bike lanes will lead you to the city’s best attractions, such as Spanish Riding School. During the summer, you can enjoy the outdoor film festival at Rathaus, complete with booths offering a cultural array of food and the area’s best beer. Use the efficient public transportation system to explore Schonbrunn Palace and the nearby Tiergarten, also known as the Vienna Zoo. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a huge variety of Mozart-inspired desserts made with marzipan. You can find the Mozart name on anything from croissants to chocolates to gelato.

Spanish Riding School Vienna
Michaelerplatz 1, A-1010
011 (+43) 1 533 90 31
Subway lines: U1, U2 or U4 at Karlsplatz

1080 Vienna, Austria
Subway line: U2

Schonbrunn Palace and Tiergarten
Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und
Schloß Schönbrunn
1130 Wien
011 (+43) 1 811 13 239
Subway line: U4, Schönbrunn station


Relive History in Washington, D.C.

At first consideration, a lesson in history might not seem to be an ideal vacation. Washington, D.C., is sure to change your mind. A trip to this area is filled with opportunities to explore museums and see monuments. Nothing can compare with witnessing the presence of the Lincoln Memorial for the first time, or the mixed emotions you will feel as you walk through the Holocaust Memorial Museum. With easy access by the metro, you can explore the areas outside the city as well. Consider staying in Alexandria, Virginia. This historic town is full of quiet shopping streets, local boutiques and diverse restaurants. Stop for a meal of fresh seafood, and take time to stroll down to Waterfront Park for a beautiful view.

Holocaust Memorial Museum
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW
Washington, DC 20024-2126
(202) 488-0400

Waterfront Park
1A Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


Enjoy the Tropics in Nassau, Bahamas

Traveling the Bahamas is a good way to experience the Caribbean with a short plane ride from the U.S. If you stay in Nassau, you will have access to plenty of activities to fill your time. You can check out the famous Atlantis hotel, and entertain yourself in the casino or explore the marina habitat. Go into town and shop your way through the local straw markets, where you can pick up all kinds of souvenirs for friends and family back home. If you are looking for a more intimate retreat, book your stay at a couples-only resort such as Sandals Royal Bahamian. You will experience a tropical paradise while enjoying delicious food, beautiful pools and beaches, and excellent service.


Sandals Royal Bahamian


See the Attractions in Prague

Travelers are drawn to the picturesque atmosphere of Prague year after year. The cobblestone streets and historic buildings of Mala Strana make you feel as if you’ve entered a fairytale. You can make your way over the Charles Bridge and into the Old Town Square to see the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. While it is true that the city often feels much overrun by tourists, this makes it no less of a must-see location for any traveler. When you need to get off your feet and relax with a drink, head up the hill to Letenske sady and the Letna beer garden, where you can enjoy amazing views of the city.

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn
Old Town Square
Old Town, Prague 1
Czech Republic
Metro: Staromestska (Line A), Namesti Republiky (Line B)

Letenskey sady
Prague 7
Czech Republic
Metro: Hradčanská (Line A)
Tram: 1, 8, 15, 25, 26, 51, or 56 to Letenské náměstí stop

Is Neuromarketing The Future Of Marketing?

Over the past year or so three major, national brands have turned to Neuromarketing as a means to study shopper emotions, understand purchase motivations and improve their package designs.

As a means of introduction …

“Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing which uses medical technologies such as functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to study the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli. Researchers use the fMRI to measure changes in activity in parts of the brain and to learn why consumers make the decisions they do, and what part of the brain is telling them to do it. Neuromarketing will tell the marketer what the consumer reacts to, whether it was the color of the packaging to the sound the box makes when shaken, and so on.” – Wikipedia

It is the packaging part of Neuromarketing I want to talk about today as the three brands in question, Campbell’s Soup, Gerber and Chips Ahoy! have all tried to tap into consumer emotion via Neuromarketing to increase their bottom line.

Is Neuromarketing The Future Of Marketing?

Campbell’s Soup worked with Innerscope Research Inc., a Boston company that measures bodily responses, and other firms to help conduct research to discover that all those warm and cozy feelings people get at home when they think about soup, didn’t necessarily carry over to their shopping experience.

Through bio-metric testing and research, they made the decision to alter (gasp!) their iconic soup cans thusly:

  • Different color packaging for different lines of soups.
  • A smaller logo.
  • Spoons no longer pictured.
  • Soup pictures more vibrant and “steamy.”

This was a big deal… a VERY big deal for Campbell’s Soup as messing around with something so iconic as their soup cans was clearly a bold move to say to the least. Written about in The Wall Street Journal – The Emotional Quotient of Soup Shopping, here’s an accompanying video which explains in further detail the role Neuromarketing played in changing the legendary soup can:

As for Gerber and Chips Ahoy, they were aided in their Neuromarketing-inspired package redesign by Perception Research Services, International and EmSense.

In an article on Brand Packaging outlining what was done regarding the package redesign for Gerber and Chips Ahoy!, Scott Young, President of Perception Research Services wrote…

“For Gerber baby products, we used neuroscience in pre-design research to get a baseline assessment of the brand’s existing packaging. We wanted to confirm its strengths and limitations against the competition and identify opportunities for improvement.

As might be expected, the study reinforced the power of the familiar Gerber branding and baby visual. But the research also uncovered negative emotional reactions to various graphic elements, including the visual icon intended to convey baby stages, the benefit bands and less-prominent health claims. These reactions suggest either confusion in interpretation and/or difficulty reading smaller print. Taken collectively, they spoke to a need to “clean up” and simplify the packs, to make them more accessible to shoppers.”

And as for Chips Ahoy!…

“… resealability was known to be a valued feature, but the resealability claim itself was driving negative emotional reactions; it was too jarring on the current packaging and too difficult to read on the proposed. The cookie visual on the proposed packaging was also problematic. Despite its prominence, it didn’t appear to be effective because it only drew neutral reactions. These insights led to significant refinements to both design elements prior to launch. The resealability tab was made more legible, while the cookie visual was given more energy with flying chips visuals.”

Now, truth be told, Neuromarketing is not without its detractors, including Joseph Turow, a communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania, who is quoted as saying, “There has always been a holy grail in advertising to try to reach people in a hypodermic way. Major corporations and research firms, are jumping on the neuromarketing bandwagon because they are desperate for any novel technique to help them break through all the marketing clutter. ‘It’s as much about the nature of the industry and the anxiety roiling through the system as it is about anything else.”

Of course to that I say… so what?

“…any novel technique to help them break through all the marketing clutter.”

You’re darn right we’re trying to find something to help our client’s break through the marketing clutter. Have you been out there lately? There’s a lot of clutter and it’s only getitng more and more cluttered!

When it comes to brand marketing, breaking through clutter is paramount for ultimate success, is it not? That and actually having a brand that’s worthwhile and stands for something but that’s another story for another time.

Is Neuromarketing The Future Of Marketing?

Ok, so here’s how I see it, what I think of Neuromarketing.

I say, if it can help me and my clients establish a competitive advantage, hell yeah I’m for it, at least testing it. What’s the harm in that?

But marketers need to remember two things, each of which i wrote about over the last month or so.

The first is about The Zero Moment of Truth. See, time was a consumer would see an ad, hear about a product then head off to the store to purchase said product. They would stand in front of that shelf and make their purchase decision. Course we now know that the packaging on the shelf may influence their purchase decision. BUT… today, even before a consumer leaves their house, they go online and that’s The Zero Moment of Truth.

The other thing I want to remind marketers is It’s Not The Brand, It’s The Product Stupid. This is something I wrote not too long ago where I not-so-gently reminded marketers that the reason consumers keep coming back to your product and continue to patronize your company is not because of a brand, but because you provide a quality product. Sure the new Chips Ahoy! packaging is different, more fun I suppose, more alive with its “flying chips visuals” but if the cookie is good to begin with, it wouldn’t matter what was on the package.